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Continuing Legal Education

Continuing Legal Education
Continuing Legal Education

Generally, all States require that active attorneys obtain Continuing Legal Education (CLE) yearly.  Inactive attorneys are not required to comply with CLE rules.

In most States, CLE Rules are adopted by the State Supreme Court (some called Superior Court).  Those Rules establish an enforcement body, power of enforcement body, CLE mimimum requirements, exemptions, reporting requirements, procedure in the event of non-compliance, and reinstatement to active practive.  A common yearly requirement is 12 hours of CLE, with 1-2 being on ethics.

Providers of CLE courses must obtain approval of each course from the governing body prior to presentation.  CLE course materials are often written by attorneys practicing in the State the materials cover.  Online  CLE approval and credits are increasing, as more and more attorneys turn to the web to obtain compliance with their CLE requirements.

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